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Timbre: A Brief Tutorial

Timbre (TAM-bra) is one of those audio words that gets thrown around without a lot of understanding on exactly what it is and why it's so important. Simply put, timbre is what makes something sound like what it is. Here's a quick tutorial on why it matters.

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LSX - Give Your Music The Space It Deserves

Rediscover true stereo in a system that's as convenient and easy as any single box Bluetooth speaker. With WiFi, Bluetooth, optical and analog inputs, the KEF LSX Wireless Music System makes music magical in a simple to use package.

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Introducing LSX

KEF Introduces LSX Active Music System.

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Stereo - A Novella

A grizzled audio guy and a person-of-technology find they have more in common than a misunderstanding of each other. As always, it's all about the music.

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The Storage Revolution - Disk Drives and Music

The Miniaturization Revolution has done more to change the way we purchase, store and listen to music than any other invention since Thomas Edison's wax cylinder, yet most of us are hardly aware of it.

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How the CD Killed the Album

The format is dead, but what exactly killed the album? It might just be that streaming and dowloading didn't kill the album. It might have been something else.

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