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Front-to-Back Album: Rodrigo y Gabriela - 9 Dead Alive

2014 was a banner year for me musically – I bought more complete albums in 2014 than I did in probably the previous five years combined. There was just a lot of really good music released last year. If I was inclined to rate the albums I was exposed to last year (I'm not), 9 Dead Alive would certainly be in the top three.

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Front-to-Back Album: Lake Street Dive

First of all I would like to ask a question of the people who take it upon themselves to label music: I see this album come up listed as 'Country' more than I see it come up listed under any other genre. Why? Is it because they use an acoustic bass, or is it because the music on this album confounds you so much you don't know what to make of it?

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Front-to-Back Album: St. Paul & the Broken Bones - Half the City

It was Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman (via Anthology I) that introduced me to the sounds of Muscle Shoals, and it is St. Paul & the Broken Bones who have brought the sheer joy and ruckus of the Muscle Shoals sound back to me full throttle. But forget the retro-sound, the arrangements, the skillful song writing and the sheer emotion of the band and Paul Janeway's voice...this is a great [insert your own adjective here] record

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