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Buyer's Guide to High-Resolution Audio

More high-quality music is available at the click of a mouse than ever before – so whatever way you choose to go, give your ears a treat and play some high-resolution music!

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Distortion - The Science Behind the Noise

When you’re scoping out new equipment for your audio system, these three types of distortion are often the overlooked culprits that can give you a bad listening experience. This is the reason buying quality components makes a huge difference in how your music sounds.

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Follow Us On TIDAL and Spotify!

We know you’re just as passionate about your music as we are, so we’ve curated some very special playlists (on TIDAL and Spotify) in genres from jazz to pop, and everything in between. We’re taking special care to include only the best recordings of the best songs from each genre, so dive in with us (and feel free to offer suggestions – we love finding out about new music!).

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KEF Audio System Workout on TIDAL

Hit up our KEF Audio Workout Playlist on TIDAL and see if you're system has what it takes to make these tracks shine.

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LSX Spotify Connect, TIDAL and Roon Integration

LSX is now integrated with Spotify Connect, Roon and TIDAL, and for a limited time, when you register your LSX or LS50 Wireless digital music systems you can enjoy 6 months of Tidfal HiFi Premium for free!

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MQA Basics

We get a considerable amount of questions about LS50W and MQA, so here are some basic answers regarding the platform.

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