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Open Your Soundstage Up With LS50W Phase Correction

Grab a song you’re really familiar with and play around a bit with the phase correction. What you’ll hear with the phase correction engaged is a sharpness to the mids and highs (we dare not say hi-def, do we?) but even more stunning is the expansion of the soundstage in all three dimensions. Once you lock onto the difference you will actually be able to hear the soundstage of your favorite music with not only height and width, but with depth as well.

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Introduction to the LS50W Part 2 - The DSP

KEF’s new LS50W Active Music System contains an on-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that has been specially designed and implemented to give the listener the magical experience of articulate, spacious and pristine musical reproduction regardless of listening environment. We have combined the renowned performance of the passive LS50 with a DSP and amplifier set that perfectly matches the requirements of our drivers and enclosure design – all in an enclosure set that is barely larger than the passive original.

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Pacific Eye & Ear At The Rock & Soul Museum, Memphis

The Rock & Soul Museum, on Beale Street in Memphis is hosting a display of Pacific Eye & Ear’s work as part of their permanent exhibit that tells the story of the role Memphis played in the art of rock and soul music in America. The permanent exhibit is an amazing trip from the Memphis that was King Cotton until the Stax days in the 60s and 70s and beyond. It truly is the story of the birth of rock and roll and soul music and if you have a chance, you should make it a point to take a tour.

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Which Is Better: Analog or Digital?

With the hard resurgence of vinyl, there has been a lot of debate among music fans as to which format is "better." Each format has its own plusses and minuses when it comes to the user experience, as opposed to the listening experience (they're not the same thing). But what about the listening experience and the actual scientific difference between the two formats? Is there a clear-cut winner?

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The Barely Debatable List Of the Top Ten Worst Holiday Songs


In a season of joy, there is nothing worse than bad music. I would rather get socks and a Walgreen's gift card than listen to bad holiday music. So in the spirit of the season, here are my Top Ten Worst Christmas/Holiday Songs Of All Time. Feel free to disagree, but deep down, you know I've pretty much nailed this.

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What Outer Space Sounds Like

You know how space movies all pretty much sound the same...creepy, dark ambient-mashups that make you feel like something bad is going to happen any moment? Well, that's pretty much fake, except it turns out it's based on reality (of sorts).

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