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Home Theater 101: Basic Rules for Optimizing Your Home Theater System

These tips are meant to be general guidelines to get you started on your journey to having the best AV set-up you can afford. While they won’t solve all of your problems, following them from the get-go will ensure that you aren’t unknowingly adding problems as you put your room together.

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Problem Solving With KEF's T-Series

Don’t be daunted by the things that typically daunt those of us who really want our systems to sound great while also wanting our rooms and spaces to look great. There are solutions!

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A Brief History of Surround Sound

You could win a bar bet by knowing that Quadraphonic sound (surround-sound as we call it now) first became available in 1969. In 1970, RCA Records released Quad-8 tapes which were 8-Track tapes that played discrete quadraphonic sound. If you played them on a standard stereo 8-Track you would only get half the sound, so this lack of backward compatibility meant you had to buy a specific Quad-8 player. Again, expensive with not a lot of demand. Quad-8 tapes were available until 1978, but demand was never strong.

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