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Dolby Atmos For Your Home Theater: Some FAQs

By now you've heard about Dolby Atmos, a cinema audio format that is going to revolutionize how we listen to movies in the theater and at home. In this reprint from the good folks at Dolby Laboratories, here's the straight skinny on just exactly what Dolby Atmos is and what it can do for you.

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Remembering Raymond Dolby

Sad news yesterday on the passing of audio pioneer Raymond Dolby. His contributions to the audio industry include the noise reduction circuitry that revolutionized the way we listen to (and record) music, and his Dolby Laboratories also had a profound affect on how we watch movies and television. While you're watching a movie this weekend, either at home or in a theater, chances are you're listening to the result of years of innovation and research from Dolby Laboratories.

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