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KEF Enters the Digital Age - In 1969

Since its founding in 1961, KEF has been unapologetically driven by technology rather than audiophile fashion. In many ways, the result of that focus on technology has driven the art and fashion of the audio industry. KEF’s position as a technological leader rather than a follower is largely due to its early embrace of computer analysis and simulation. Everybody does it now – we started doing it in 1969.


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Our Top 15 Music Documentaries

Music documentaries are our favorite way to revisit our favorite artists and get turned on to ones we're not familiar with. Here are our Top Fifteen Music documentaries. 

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Phase and Positioning: Helpful Hints For Getting the Most Out of Your Subwoofer

The long wavelengths of bass frequencies are affected more noticeably by phase cancellations than the short, small wavelengths in the upper register. When setting up your subwoofer it's critical that the phase and relative position of the subwoofer and the main speakers are taken into account.

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Introducing the KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit

Introducing cable and clutter free maximum subwoofer performance - anywhere in your room!

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COVID-19 and the Touring Musician

Every industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, and as we all slowly and carefully return to ‘normal’ the live music industry is likely going to trail far behind the rest of us. We spoke to several Nashville-based musicians about how they are staying busy and keeping their music alive as they stay safe and healthy.

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Recommended Amplifier Power

Understanding the Specs: Recommended Amplifier Power tells us the minimum needed to move the voice coil and the maximum allowable power before over-excursion occurs. But there is more to this spec than meets the eye.

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