In the 1970s, a swimming pool was a sign of luxury living. The swimming pool of the 1990s was a home theater system, and today that sign of luxury living is a whole house audio system. Streaming technology has made it easy and affordable to have beautiful music present in all rooms of your home at the KEF Ci Soundlightsame time. Of course, having built-in speakers that look and sound beautiful at the same time is a bit of a challenge – unless you’re spec’ing in KEF Ci products, then solution is simple. KEF Ci products are designed using the same technology found in our standard speaker models, but what sets KEF Ci apart from everyone else in the market is our extreme attention to detail and style.

With that attention to design detail in mind, KEF’s engineers have managed to build a product with the sought-after sound quality of our larger speakers in an in-ceiling-can with the same size and mounting appearance as the standard in-ceiling lights commonly found in high-end kitchens and baths. This means your whole-house music system can be designed seamlessly with your mounted lighting scheme – adding an extra measure of finesse and beauty to your dream kitchen or bath. Our Soundlight Series (as well as all of our Ci products) are also designed for use in damp locations.


 KEF Soundlight speakers come in four models:

  • Ci100QR: 10-50W power handling with a 4.65” cut-outKEF Ci Soundlight
  • Ci80.2QR: 10-50W power handling with a 3.82” cut-out
  • Ci50R: 10-30W power handling with a 2.75” cut-out
  • Ci100QS: 10-50W power handling with a 4.4” x 4.4” cut-out


KEF Soundlight speakers range in price from $49.99 to $199.99 each. For more information on Soundlight and the entire line of KEF Custom Install architectural speakers hit the link: KEF Soundlight Series.