We often use products at events or dealers for demonstrations and display, and once the product is unboxed we won’t sell it as new A-Stock product, even though it is typically in perfect condition. All products used for demos or samples are returned to our Repair Depot where they are sonically tested and cosmetically inspected. Once they are inspected the product is then signed off by three people – one for performance, one for appearance and one for packaging.


After the product has been approved by all three inspectors it is then ready to be sold as Officially Recertified Product with the same warranty as our new stock product. Internally, we call this product B-Stock as a way to differentiate it from brand-new, never opened stock. No matter how careful our show and demonstration staff are, sometimes minor blemishes happen. When it does, each product is listed with any and all blemishes so you know exactly what you are getting.

KEF Reference 1 B-Stock


Sometimes with new stock there are blemishes so small you can barely see them, but we will still refuse to sell them as A-Stock. We actually have a few Reference 1 speakers that are brand-new and in almost pristine condition except for some tiny white blemishes from the manufacturing process. These are open-box in the sense that we inspected them, but they have never been used. They may not be A-stock but they’re an amazing opportunity to own Reference at price significantly below Reference prices.



We’re extremely proud of our products and the reputation we’ve built over the past five decades, and even when we offer B-Stock or Recertified product, you can count on knowing exactly what you’re getting with confidence that we’ll stand behind the original factory warranty.






Here’s the legal stuff we tell you when you buy Officially Recertified Open Box product:From time to time KEF will make Officially Recertified Products available for sale, or "Open Box" stock. These items have either been on display at a KEF event or have been on demonstration at a KEF Dealer. "Open Box" product is diligently inspected and tested before being offered for general sale. All packaging is complete and all products are certified by our service technicians to be 100% functional. KEF's standard warranties apply. Some product may have slight cosmetic blemishes but are sonically un-blemished.