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Audio Technology, How To's & Tips
Speaker Placement: 10 Things To Consider Beyond Spousal Approval

In a perfect world, my listening room would consist of a 2-channel monoblock system driving a pair of Blades, a $9000 turntable, an endless library of 192kHz/24-bit FLAC files, a chair with a cupholder, and proper acoustic treatments all around. I would lock the door from the inside and emerge only for more beef jerky and occasional visits with my family.


I don't live in a perfect world.

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Diagnosing and Avoiding Speaker Phase Issues

One of the most common audio issues is also one of the easiest to prevent or tinker with. Don't let a couple of mixed up +'s and -'s kill your audio joy. 

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How To Connect Your Subwoofer

Some easy-to-follow tips for connecting your subwoofer to your AV receiver.

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An Audio Cable Deep Dive

There are three things we should never discuss in polite company: politics, religion and audio cables. But, when it comes to cables, there is so much information, disinformation, lies and damned lies out there a look at some of the specs is in order. 

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Dynamic Range For Regular People

The emotional impact of music its direct result of its dynamic range. Here’s a quick take on what that all means.

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Subwoofer Setup Tips For Apartment Living

Maybe your neighbors are nice enough to put all of this effort in on their behalf but even if they're not, some of these tips may make your system sound better to you.

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